StakeCubeCoin Whitepaper

Explore amazing features
Everything in one place, so you can always keep track of all your positions and get the most profit out of your pos coins. Additionally, we never stop doing & developing new and great functions for you!

Automated & managed
All deposits, stakes and withdrawals are fully automated. Bonus: Your coin starts staking immediately after the deposit – no mature time.

Shared Masternodes
Get a piece of the reward cake. Even with a small amount of coins everyone can participate in Masternodes.

Exchange *
Save tons of time and rewards by swapping your coins directly on the platform. No need to send them back and forth between exchanges!

No Requirements
An intuitive user interface to manage your coins, stake rewards and pool activities makes it stress free, transparent and secure. (more)

Community based
You decide which coin and which function comes next! You know exactly what you need… and we listen to you. (more)

You don’t just get rewards on your own coins. Our airdrops regularly give you a bonus on top (even for coins where you don’t have any shares)

Every week 10 lucky winners will be selected at random and win a huge bonus. Completely free and fair. (more)

Everyone who builds a team, invites friends or wins affiliates will be rewarded for lifetime. Save up to 20% of the fees from each Stake.

StakeCubeCoin Website
StakeCubeCoin Website