Sparkster Whitepaper

The Sparkster Decentralized Cloud

We facilitate the ‘decentralized execution of Smart Software’, an evolution on Smart Contracts, across a network of cell phones, notebooks, laptops or other personal devices held by our network of miners.

These miners are rewarded in SPARK tokens for contributing spare capacity on their personal devices to the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud.

We envision a future in which decentralized networks can be far cheaper than traditional cloud computing from the likes of Amazon®, Microsoft®, Google® and IBM®. Given that cloud providers pay for: rack space, cooling, dedicated hardware, networking infrastructure, backup power, and support personnel; personal devices have near zero marginal cost per operation relative to cloud providers.

Hence, if each contributor is afforded the opportunity to set their own price for the use of their device, over time, natural market conditions will drive the cost of a decentralized cloud below that of traditional cloud computing. This presents an opportunity to collectively disrupt the $246 billion-dollar cloud computing industry (Darrow, 2017), and distribute a significant portion of that revenue to participants in the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud through SPARK tokens.

Sparkster whitepaper

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Sparkster Whitepaper