Sparkpoint Whitepaper

SparkPoint Ecosystem is a decentralized payment gateway with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based e-learning, gaming, and online store. With four main functions, people can now settle bills, send and receive money, enrol in various e-courses and e-programs, shop, and entertain themselves in one platform. Not to mention, to earn and be rewarded!

SparkPoint Ecosystem aims to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptoccurency exchanges.

Provide alternative payment gateway with low-cost fees
Provide almost real-time transactions.
Promote financial literacy and blockchain technology awareness.
Provide safe and secure marketplace.
Continuously engage in financial technology innovation
Protect user’s financial and private information.
Create innovative blockchain-based games.
Provide superior customer service.


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Sparkpoint Whitepaper