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We all value our good health and hope to access high quality care when we require it.
Unfortunately, this may turn out not to be the case. Healthcare today, whilst not quite
broken, is certainly straining at the seams.

Global spending on health exceeds $8 trillion annually and is expected to increase to $18
trillion worldwide by 2040¹. In the US, almost one in every five dollars of national output is
consumed by healthcare. This is not sustainable and radical action is needed.

Through our deep expertise in benefit administration and care coordination we have
created a revolutionary new platform that will redefine healthcare for individuals,
employers, providers, administrators, insurers and government agencies around the world.

In much of the developed world our population is ageing rapidly. Increased demand
for care is placing an intolerable burden upon already stretched healthcare resources.
Complex support infrastructures, data system silos and administrative bureaucracy
have given rise to inefficiency and duplication of effort that waste billions of dollars.
Incredibly, up to 30% of medical bills can go towards paying administrative costs¹.
That’s simply unacceptable.

Excessive healthcare administration costs consume resources that should be directed
to improving both access to care and quality of care.

Solve.Care’s revolutionary platform will significantly improve care outcomes by
dramatically reducing healthcare administration costs and substantially reducing the
opportunity for duplication, waste, abuse and fraud. We expect to create major cost
savings by facilitating authorised peer-to-peer transactions that delegate authority to
individual stakeholders while empowering payers regarding cost control and oversight.

Utilizing blockchain technology, we radically reduce the unacceptable administrative
burden placed on healthcare providers and enhance the care experience of individuals.

It’s a quantum change. Freeing doctors to do more doctoring and putting patients,
not the system, at the very heart of care.

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