Solareum Whitepaper

SOLAREUM – Doing Well by Doing Good
SOLAREUM is a ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain, the native SLRM token is to be backed by the Solar and Renewable industry. SOLAREUM will offer discounts on solar panels and services worldwide, also offering free renewable items to loyal customers, additionally consumers will be able to purchase solar heating, and all things renewable from the platform. The SOLAREUM mission is to be able to provide green energy worldwide to consumers, while offering the user back tokens for purchasing solar products using the SLRM token, on a quarterly basis. SOLAREUM’s marketplace will be much the same as Amazon for the solar industry, utilizing blockchain and mega data to allow any solar company and end user to be able to connect on a personal level.

As blockchain technology progresses throughout the world, and it is starting to take over many industries, SOLAREUM is set to lead the Solar energy market with a P2P or B2B business model. Research has shown, that many governments are in early stages of regulating blockchain technology. However, these studies show the blockchain ecosystem will need more than just digital assets to sustain ethical practices and build trust and reliability. SOLAREUM aims to be a major service provider, enabling the consumer to have a secure marketplace in which to purchase renewables and close the transaction on the blockchain, the transactions will run through a Ethereum Smart Contract. SOLAREUM will be serving as the first renewable energy company to be partnered with a number of major companies and contractors in its sector. SOLAREUM has already seen a successful private sale, and the tokens will be available for the public in Q2, 2018.

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