Snovian.Space Whitepaper

Professional social networks are fuelled by personal data of their users. This data is collected for free, with users agreeing to the Terms & Conditions not realizing their data will be sold and their privacy and security potentially breached.

Reworking the data/money flow model of the largest social networking platforms allows us to create a new, mutually beneficial system, where both users and businesses receive what they want. Reward-based crypto network Snovian.Space removes the problem of user data exploitation, and offers both users and businesses a way to generate profit through direct connection.

No paid plans, no data reselling, no spamming or unreliable connections – only highly-targeted, interested leads and crypto incentives for users to share their knowledge, experience, opinions, and time.

Snovian.Space was created for professionals of every niche, be it marketing, crypto, tech, HR, or any other field.

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Snovian.Space Whitepaper