Saifu Whitepaper

Why the world
needs Saifu

The growth of cryptocurrencies is changing the way that some people store and exchange value. But right now, cryptocurrencies are only accessible by a relatively small community. For most people cryptocurrencies can be difficult to buy, hard to keep safe and it’s difficult to use cryptocurrencies for many dayto-day financial transactions, such as shopping. Businesses are also considering how they can benefit from using cryptocurrencies – but many feel locked out of these new currencies. Poor integration between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial systems means that buying and using cryptocurrencies is often regarded as only being viable for ‘geeks’ and technology enthusiasts.

At Saifu, we started with a couple of questions: “Why should cryptocurrencies be the exclusive domain of the technically skilled?” and “Why can’t we make cryptocurrencies easier to access safer to use and available to a much, much wider community?” And now we’ve got a cryptocurrency business that’s already up and running – and, in this ICO, you can invest in Saifu’s planned growth. As an established business, Saifu is already providing a range of cryptocurrency services to individuals / consumers. However, we’re also planning on introducing services for businesses and services for banks and also extending the range of services that we offer to consumers.

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Saifu Whitepaper