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Annet is the best application development and practice platform for enterprises and institutions to implement the “blockchain+” strategy. This white paper mainly introduces the development history, R&D team, business value, system architecture and technical solutions of Annet. In the constant update and iteration, please go to the official website ( to get the latest version. 1 Introduction

Angel (SAFE) is a decentralized blockchain application development platform that focuses on blockchain application security and privacy protection, launched by the Singapore SAFE Foundation. Anyone can issue tokens based on Annet and develop blockchain applications without auditing. Annet provides a more secure blockchain application development solution through Sapp application development protocol, while also providing high security, EOS and ETH compatibility. Ingenious smart contract system for smart contracts – An code.

安网是企事业单位实施“区块链+”战略的最佳应用开发和实践平台,本白 皮书主要介绍安网的发展历史、研发团队、商业价值、系统架构和技术方案,其 中的技术方案在不断更新和迭代中,请上安网官网(获取最新版。 1 前言

安网(SAFE)是由新加坡 SAFE 基金会推出的、去中心化的、关注区块链应 用安全和隐私保护的区块链应用开发平台。任何人可基于安网发行代币、开发区 块链应用,而无需审核,安网通过 Sapp 应用开发协议提供更安全的区块链应用 开发解决方案,同时也提供安全性高、兼容 EOS 和 ETH 智能合约的独创性智能 合约系统-安码。

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Safe Whitepaper