Rally Whitepaper

Rally is a platform that builds communities around a business or message using content sharing with crypto token rewards. Rally combines concepts from traditional word-of-mouth and influencer marketing with gamification and tactics that have built cryptocurrencies and their communities.

The discovery and sharing of content are intrinsic to the human experience and have been a central part of the internet since it began. As the internet matured that process became centralized under powerful social media platforms.

While users are increasingly concerned about privacy and how information about them and their behaviors are collected, analyzed and sold, the digital monopolies have exploited user contributions and their data to generate billions of dollars of profit.

The same forces that created the sharing economy will shift this dynamic, creating a new market out of underutilized assets that empower the user and rewards the true value of their contributions.

This will be the content sharing economy: the next phase in the evolution of the sharing economy, enabled by blockchain and managed by users on their smartphones.

Rally WhitePaper

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Rally Whitepaper