Qredit Whitepaper

For Consumers
We allow consumers to easily pay for products using Qredit with low transaction fees and high transaction speed.

For Merchants
Merchants can easily implement Qredit in their store with the use of our wallets without spending a lot of money on unnecessary hardware.

For Developers
Qredit is fully open-source and it’s written in Typescript. Anyone can build or fork their own chain using the Qredit code-base.

Send and receive.
With dynamic transaction fees and 250 transactions per block,
Qredit can be used any where at any time as long as you have internet.

Creating a wallet on the Qredit Platform is very simple.
And with the QR codes and the contacts list you never have to remember a complicated wallet address. Give it a try!

The unique features of Qredit.
As part of the Qredit Always Evolving Platform (QAE), many new features will be added to satisfy the user experience.

With Qredit Motion you will be able to convert your coins to fiat currency or buy Qredit coins with fiat currency.

By using the NFC technology integrated with our Blockchain you can also receive Qredit without internet.

Similar to a bank account, you can optionally register your Qredit address for more transparency.

Stay connected with your customers by rewarding them with your own tokens created on the Qredit Blockchain.

Qredit Website