Qiibee Whitepaper

Loyalty market offers USD 500bn opportunity for blockchain infrastructure
● Today’s point-based loyalty market is inefficient for both brands and customers
● Converting points into real-value loyalty tokens on the blockchain has enormous potential

Qiibee’s LoyaltyToken Protocol capitalizes at significant scale and adoption rate
● Brands issue own loyalty tokens via plug & play and enjoy full flexibility of loyalty program design
● In 2018 only, 10 brands confirmed loyalty token and DAPP issuance on qiibee

Massive demand for the qiibee token, QBX, is driven by substantial B2B usage of loyalty tokens
● Buying QBX on the public market is required to back, issue and use loyalty tokens on qiibee
● This not only creates demand but also decreases the free-circling QBX supply.

Team, advisors and partners have the blockchain expertise and executional track record to deliver
● qiibee is pushed by well-known experts, funds and market makers: Block Collider, Fingenom, Bamboo, BitBoom
● Adoption is boosted by 5 partnering agencies that resell QBX-based loyalty tokens and white-label DAPPs


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Qiibee Whitepaper