ProxyNode Whitepaper

WHAT IS PROXYNODE? ProxyNode serves as a decentralized platform that provides a more secure platform for virtual private servers. The decentralized technology gives users full control of their servers, and provides an extra layer of security for their data. The blockchain technology removes a central point of attack for hackers, therefore significantly increasing the difficulty for anyone else to access your private data. The ProxyNode coin (PRX), will serve as a form of payment to set up a virtual server and as a form of collateral for users to setup a masternode

HOW TO GET STARTED? Getting started with ProxyNode is as easy as it comes. Only three simple steps and your business can flourish in the world of virtual currency.

DOWNLOAD PROXYNODE WALLET Go to the Wallets menu heading, choose your wallet listed under Assets and download the right one for your operating system.

BUY YOUR PROXYNODE COINS Get your ProxyNode coins on an any exchange it is trading on and send them to your local wallet.

SETUP YOUR MASTERNODE You can get the guide to set up your ProxyNode masternode in the menu, or you can join our discord and get all the information you need.

ProxyNode Website