Prometeus Whitepaper

Personal data laws force social networking websites to enable users to manage their own data. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter are now offering services with which data can be directly downloaded. Moreover, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have recently launched the Data Transfer Project5 (a white paper) this makes it easier for users to connect their different social network accounts.

Prometeus Network is developing an infrastructure system wherein data science algorithms are employed to process private data, making it possible for users without risking data integrity or violate privacy – to safely sell their personal data to interested parties.

1. Motivation
The use of Prometeus Network is not limited to a specific kind of industry use case, but for purposes of this document we knowingly and deliberately choose not to go beyond the discussion of disrupting data exchange needs related to “Influencer Marketing”. Influencer Marketing is ‘marketing’ build around people who exercise influence over others, for example actresses or actors, football players etc. For the purpose of simplicity and ease of launch and due to similarities between different use cases, we will -in the remaining of this white paper- discuss Prometeus Network only in the context of Influence Marketing.


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Prometeus Whitepaper