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about IDEVEX Exchange
The IDEVEX Exchange is constantly supplying liquidity such as Korean won denominated BTC and Japanese yen denominated BTC on the basis of the dollar which is the legal currency.

Due to the nature of the exchange that deposits user assets, IDEVEX can protect digital assets with multisig and can not transfer virtual currency without the approval of multiple administrators. 95% of digital assets that do not receive remittances are stored in a cold wallet and are separated and managed in an offline environment. In addition, we have partnered with a cyber security company with experience in major financial institutions and virtual currency exchanges to set up transaction history monitoring and defense in depth with next-generation firewalls.
PLANET is used as a currency in IDEVEX and transactions such as arbitrage between transactions, and is also used in transactions of major cryptocurrencies, etc.

It is distributed to users at a rate of 50% of commission fee fees generated within IDEVEX. In addition, it is also used for prize money and participation tickets for e-sports related businesses in Japan, and many people have already started to be interested.

Planet Token Whitepaper

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Planet Whitepaper