Pibble Whitepaper

Nowadays, so-called “shared” files are being used freely without any monetary compensation – PIBBLE questions whether everyone had agreed to this?

Ever since Napster enabled music files to be freely shared in 1999, digital content-related technologies easily enabled sharing music, and even video files without damaging or compromising the original. Also, when Apple released the iPhone 3G to the world in 2008, a camera was essentially put in everyone’s hands, and photos taken by ordinary people became one of the most popular contents. However, despite such rapid developments, the image market has yet to be institutionalized. In the typical image market ecosystem known as the ‘social image market’, there are hardly any rightful rewards provided to users and their creations. Instead, most of the profits are directed towards platform providers. In addition, there are fewer opportunities for professional creators and aspiring indie groups.

The PIBBLE project represents the interests of the following groups of people:
1. Individuals who are leading the quantitative image market through the sharing of images and videos in social media;
2. Entertainers whose portrait rights connects directly to their branding value;
3. Experts in the stock image market, or the traditional paid image market that needs a change; and
4. Indie artists who are aspiring to pursue dreams of creation and develop them into careers.

While allowing groups above to communicate with each other within the PIBBLE Ecosystem, PIBBLE aims to reorganize the existing market so that each group member in the ecosystem may be properly compensated for the images and works they have created. To do this, the PIBBLE project is planning on developing a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain, while building an incentivized ecosystem, in which the more users share and participate, the more they get rewarded. The PIBBLE project, a decentralized and shared platform that protects the value of the creations aims to challenge the status quo in which most of the users don’t recognize that the images they upload daily on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be a great asset to them. By developing a decentralized image market through a cryptocurrency called PIBBLE, we aim to create a blockchain based image ecosystem which can allow images to be circulated and distributed on the PIBBLE market platform.

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