PayDay Coin Whitepaper

In the 21st century, the era of high-end technology and dynamical science, the world is still
affected by power of loan discrimination. About 2 billion adults have no access to bank accounts
meaning they can’t afford basic day-to-day needs as all manner of payments, money transfers and
access to loans.

Challenging this issue takes origin in human rights and other fundamental principles and
standards that help us shape the better and more comfortable world to live in. Coming up with a
solution for “loan-restricted” population is essential for indeed effective poverty elimination,
cultural and economic development. It may affect other aspects of life such as social interaction
and credibility.

Since blockchain technology appears to be having lots of weight and importance concerning
contemporary finance and predominating the future of various business interactions, PayDay aims
to contribute and create the next level loan mechanism based on the blockchain. PayDay is a coin
for P2P lending solutions with an ambition to confront the low activity of small and medium
businesses, general lack of funds in small and micro enterprises, investors’ credibility and even the
unemployment issues.

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PayDay Coin Whitepaper