Opennity Whitepaper

Some believe blockchain technology will end up transforming a number of important industries, from healthcare to politics. As blockchain technology continues to emerge, traditional industries are beginning to explore the possibility of integration into their respective fields. However, finding the appropriate talent can be difficult for both blockchain and traditional companies. There’s the issue of not knowing where to look or if they found a person, being able to verify their accomplishments in previous blockchain roles.

Opennity is a new community and referral economy which connects global professionals in the blockchain industry. Users can monetize their connections by using Opennity’s incentivized program that encourages users to refer valuable connections for financial rewards. The Opennity community is built on a decentralized platform to assure transparency and authentic transactions. The platform gives projects and service providers the opportunity to find the best matches and promote themselves in order to accomplish genuine blockchain projects that will bring positive change to real-world businesses.

4 Opennity allows an easy-to-use referral service for companies and service seekers, all the while assuring referrers their rewards through the blockchain. Referrers get the chance to pick the offers that best fit their connections/network and are incentivized to bring up the best match in order to climb up our community rating system.

Opennity changes the act of making a referral into a financially rewarding task. Every time companies and candidates/service providers connect through the recommendation from a community member, the referrer gets rewarded by our Opennity token upon the occurrence of a completed match. Users see the listings of job openings or services requests from companies and pick the best offers for their existing reference pool of candidates or service providers and refer them.

Companies on our platform are expected to spend less resources than through typical offline referrals to acquire high quality matches that get the job done. Our platform will expand through satisfactory matches, community growth, and development of our ecosystem.

The Opennity token will therefore allow the holders to:
1. Get referral suggestions from our community;
2. Acquire information of candidates / service providers;
3. Promote through media and advertisements; and
4. Rate service providers.


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