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NPCoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency designed with the target to serve the utility and remittance market in Southeast Asian Region. There are 10 countries in the Southeast Asian comprising of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. This is a developing region with growing population, it is indeed an important labour resources supply countries to the world market.

The utility payment culture in this region are in transition from traditional cash payments over the counters to online banking transfer. Every household has numerous of utilities bills to settle every months, ranging from electricity, water, sewerage, cable TV, internet, mobile telecommunication bills and etc. Residents and visitors around the world also need a convenient way to reload to local phone and data lines. These involve huge monetary and big data transaction every day.

We see the needs for an utility coin as payment medium to ease these monthly routine. NPCoin is designed with crypto blockchain technology to serve the role with enhance security and efficiency, as compared to other conventional payment methods.

NPCoin uses a hybrid design of Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) minting. All coins were premined using PoW method while PoS take charge for the coin distribution and block validation. The hybrid system complement each others for more security, reduce electricity consumption, need no special hardware, create no energy wastage and is environmental friendly.

NPCoin can be traded and transact among the peer-to-peer network conveniently.

NPCoins allow non-tech savvy individual to enjoy the conveniences and benefits of cryptocurrency. We foresee value appreciation of NPCoins with the growing popularity and demands from more users in any geographical location in near future.

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