NOIA Network Whitepaper

Barely a day goes by without a news report of some Internet infrastructure failure that impacted end-users across the Internet. There is often nothing affected users can do but wait for the storm to pass, and resume when connectivity is restored.

Segment Routing has emerged from the IETF as a source routing RFC that can force network traffic to, and then through, a pre-defined sequence of relays called segment routers. Each segment router replaces the destination address with the address of the next segment to visit on towards the destination. This enables end-systems to force traffic along a network path that bypasses areas of network degradation.

This paper is divided into two halves. The first half presents a model for an inter-provider public Segment Routing WAN (SR-WAN) that provides hosts (Mac, PC, Linux) with additional paths through the Internet. This is done using segment routing across network paths shared by the others connected to the SR-WAN. Blockchain is used as the distributed ledger for providers and consumers of spare compute and bandwidth. The second half of the paper focuses on private SR-WANs, with commercially operated segment routers operating in well-connected Internet colocation centers. Both the public and the private SR-WANs share a common distributed database of segments available for use or purchase.

NOIA Network whitepaper

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NOIA Network Whitepaper