Neutral Dollar Whitepaper

By aggregating a basket of other stablecoins, the Neutral Dollar generates a lower volatility token with a more subdued risk profile than any individual stablecoin today. Grounded by theory and empirically tested, the Neutral Dollar leverages our own unique process to ensure price stability that is better than any stablecoin design out in the market.

The Neutral Dollar will serve as a medium of exchange, store of value, unit of account, and complementary trading instrument for crypto enthusiasts. Our stablecoin exhibits several key principles, making it provide the best utility available.

Following the economic collapse of 2008, there were calls for increased transparency in the financial markets and ways to transact without relying on a third party custodian for your assets. Enter: cryptocurrencies. But with all the growth in this sector a new set of challenges has arisen, particularly around how to bring together fragmented pools of liquidity that are distributed across thousands of token exchanges and digital networks.
Neutral is a new smart contract system designed to solve several of these key issues. It’s a piece of software sitting on a digital ledger that allows for the creation of aggregate digital currency instruments. This software-based approach to the creation and management of crypto baskets drives price discovery on the network itself without relying on “trusted” third-party sources of information. By reducing reliance on these, it allows pricing to become more transparent. The result of these processes allow for users to benefit from an aggregate financial instrument for transactional purposes that is decentralized in nature.
The core team is comprised of experienced investors, quantitative traders, trading system developers and is advised by Nobel Prize economists and financial industry experts. Sequoia led the recent round of equity investment together with FBG Capital and Bixin.

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