NeoWorld Cash Whitepaper

NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on the blockchain. In Unity-Powered 3D virtual environment, players purchase lands, construct buildings, invest and operate businesses, like in the real world. NeoWorld is also a social platform where players could not only chat, but also develop complex relationships, manage the community and accumulate wealth from within.
What is NeoWorld?

Virtual World
NeoWorld is a virtual world based on blockchain ideologies, with its own digital currency and digital assets recorded on-chain. Players use the virtual currency, NASH, to bid the lands where they can build and develop. Developed areas would provide employment opportunities for other players to earn NASH. In its system, both employer-players and employee-players will be rewarded with NASH as they contribute either labour (attention) or capital.

NeoWorld creates a game model that emphasizes on collaboration. In the process of accomplishing tasks in NeoWorld, players simultaneously play a variety of inter-related roles, from employers to employees, from content creators to distributors, and to consumers. As relationship develops and strengthens, NeoWorld will form a social network and collaborative community akin to the real world.

Sparking Creativity
Players are able to create avatar, contents and designs using elementary materials in NeoWorld. They can also create their own games or interactive applications using scripts and mini-programs, and deploy those in their properties to generate income from other participating players.

Project Concept and POA Mechanism

Project Concept
Virtual world simulation games like Second Life are always compromised by the conflict of interests between game operators and player communities, and lack of real incentives. NeoWorld offers a token-based economic model to address these issues, where contents are purely user-generated and users are fairly and transparently rewarded.

POA (Proof of Attention)
We believe everything about attention is valuable. When players turn their attention from the real world to this virtual world, to create content, upgrade facilities or simply view ads, they deserve to be rewarded. The overall intrinsic value of NeoWorld will steadily increase, as the virtual world continuously accumulates vast amounts of “attention”. To measure and distribute the value to the community, NeoWorld has designed the PoA mechanism and the NASH token, rewarding content generators, distributors and consumers using a dynamic formula.

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NeoWorld Cash Whitepaper