Nectar Whitepaper

A new token will act as a loyalty reward for token market makers on
the Ethfinex exchange. This will incentivise the creation of the most liquid exchange for trading tokens and tethered assets on Ethereum.
The loyalty tokens are similar to loyalty points and are earned in proportion to users’ volume of trades as market makers. 1 Loyalty tokens
will entitle holders to claim rewards from fees generated by Ethfinex, and
to participate in future exchange governance. Gradually, as more tokens
are earned, the ownership of the exchange will become decentralised, and
Ethfinex will be owned by its customers. The loyalty token is referred
from here onward as the Nectar token or NEC.
Market Makers:
Larger customers of the exchange adding liquidity to the market, acting
as makers, will earn a stake in the future of the platform. This ensures
they benefit from the value they create and have an incentive to continue
to market make on Ethfinex. Accordingly they may also be able to have
a large influence in future governance and development.
Smaller Customers:
Customers with lower trade volumes will benefit from the smaller spreads
and greater thickness of highly liquid markets, and have the opportunity
to obtain loyalty tokens in the platform.
Companies and Projects:
A new generation of projects are building on Ethereum. Those projects
require exchange services between tokens, Ethereum, and traditional fiat
money. These projects may interface with the Ethfinex liquidity pool
either by means of standard APIs or several decentralised exchange protocols. In doing so they may earn loyalty tokens and become stakeholders
in the Ethfinex ecosystem, as well as be involved with its governance.

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Nectar Whitepaper