Naviaddress Whitepaper

As for many other projects, the idea of Naviaddress came from
a need that Mr. Mikhail Gamzin, the founder of the Naviaddress
System, identified a few years ago. Here is the story in his own

“The idea of Naviaddress first came to me in Paris in 2012.
My friends invited my wife and I to a restaurant. We took
a taxi from our hotel and started explaining our intended
destination to the taxi driver. We, first, did so in English, but
he didn’t understand.

We then tried to explain this in our very weak French, with
the same result. I had to call my local friends and pass
the telephone to the taxi driver, for them to clarify the
restaurant’s location.

At that moment I realized that what we really need in this
modern digital world are digital addresses! I
did some research and, to my surprise, such solution had
yet to be developed.

After pursuing this research further and, buoyed by the
success of startups such as Uber and Airbnb and their
impact within big industries, I realized, in 2014, that the time
had come and set upon realizing this great endeavor.”

1.3 Our Vision
The goal of a global digital addressing system, Naviaddress, is the
creation of a decentralized global unified address platform for real
and virtual worlds.

We believe in a world where postal and local addresses reflect
the historical and cultural peculiarity of a given place. In parallel,
people would also be able to use new, reinvented digital addresses,
reflecting modern society’s needs: naviaddresses.

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Naviaddress Whitepaper