Mocrow Whitepaper

Inaccurate energy accounting and auditing is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of the energy
sector in Nigeria as well as other developing regions of the world. Commercial and collection
losses remain inordinately high due to leakages and inefficiencies in payment systems.
This paper provides insights into efforts made by Cynotrust to resolve the challenges associated
with revenue leakages and energy audit through the implementation of a Blockchain solution, a
Distributed Ledger technology with great potential in solving the inherent revenue problems of
the energy sector.

Cynotrust Intelligent Systems Ltd, through its proprietary platform (MOCROW) has designed,
tested and implemented an energy payment, verification and authentication solution geared
towards eliminating revenue losses and associated inefficiencies (particularly related to revenue
theft and leakages) in Electricity Distribution. The solution is currently deployed and in use by Jos
Electricity Distribution Plc, one of Nigeria’s foremost Electricity Distribution Companies, under
the management of TATA Power of New Delhi, India.

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Mocrow Whitepaper