Mobile Crypto Pay Coin Whitepaper

We would like to introduce you to the MCPC Marketplace!

What we offer: Think Amazon, think eBay, think freedom to use your MCPC coin to purchase any goods or services as you see fit. Essentially, we will create a community where you will be able to buy and sell anything you would like. Additionally, there will be rewards for early adopters as well as affiliates of the system.

The Coin: MCPC is a payment platform and marketplace that is utilized on top of blockchain technology to provide an avenue for anybody to issue or receive cryptocurrency. We will provide a masternode coin setup that includes a solid ROI with built in inflation control. Thus, providing longevity and value to you! We believe in the original concepts of cryptocurrency. We are idealists, but also realists so we are making sure that HODL’rs of all means will be able to use and access the system. If your just as excited as us then keep reading!

The Website: We will have a safe and secure escrow system for all transactions.

What will you have access to?
● Mobile data prepaid cards
● Mobile phone prepaid cards
● Warranty policies for hardware
● Mobile accessories sales
● Private transactions between vendors and you!
● Debit cards