MFCoin Whitepaper

Our main idea is to create our own virtual jurisdiction with brand-new society and modern management tools, an extra-territorial state model called Freeland.

Change of the existing state systems is only possible if a new form of an e-agreement is introduced for everyone, the so-called Public Agreement which was technically impossible to implement before. Today we offer you a chance to join the launch of a virtual jurisdiction outside the bounds of existing jurisdictions but with the prospect of interaction with them on the basis of certain agreements.

In a contemporary world, a choice of a homeland is a conscious choice of a human being, not an adoption of an old-school feudal model, where a state is a major taxman and provides services based thereon, mostly of a very poor quality. Basically, government in the future will only play a role of a service company whose work should satisfy its citizens and, therefore, consumers. The whole notion of homeland will be pure loyalty to the brand.

What is Freeland?
The virtual state of Freeland is the same state as any other existing one, whether recognized or not. The global difference is that it is organized on a newly-discovered territory: in the infosphere. There is no logical reason to deny that this territory exists. There is no reason to deny that social and economic relations between people can technically be built in it according to different rules than ever before

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MFCoin Whitepaper