Maya Preferred 223 Whitepaper

What problems does Maya Preferred ERC223 token solve?

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies based on it are leading the revolution in economy and finance today, becoming forerunners of global changes in monetary circulation. However, there remains a huge number of problems creating a gap between the potential of blockchain technologies and their real application in the modern economy. The largest problem is at the moment there is no strong connection between the circulation of cryptocurrencies and the conventional financial infrastructure.

SOLUTION: Maya Preferred, the World´s first ERC223 token created a bridge between the conventional finance and the blockchainbased economy, thus becoming a new center of the stable global cryptocurrency system. Advantages of the Maya Preferred ERC223 token:

1. Circulation of cryptocurrency, backed by gold.

2. Maya Preferred Eco System will include but not limited to ATMs worldwide (target 10,000), cryptocurrency exchanges, security companies, bank accounts, payment systems, payment cards and OTC trading desk.

3. Stable ecosystem in which the market of FIAT currencies, financial products and other assets together with the new market of digital currencies are combined. The APIs for the technical integration of merchants and services are already prepared.

Therefore, shops and online stores, as well as service providers, can be connected and accept payments from the Maya Preferred ERC223 network. Our Ecosystem helps convert Maya Preferred ERC223 into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, XEM, Ox, ERC223 TOKENS or FIAT.

Maya Preferred will be safe and secure and also, one of the leading payment provider worldwide. Therefore, holders of Maya Preferred ERC223 enjoy protection against inflation and other governments and economies.

Any cryptocurrency, as well as fiat money, is underlain by trust of those who use it. This trust is based on the ability to efficiently use the cryptocurrency and understanding that it is supported by efficient structures. High volatility of the existing cryptocurrencies and the loan debt burden in fiat money make the current financial system extremely unstable.

Maya Preferred ERC223 has clear competitive advantages through its 100% gold coverage ratio compared to the existing central banks. In August 2018, the overall capitalization of cryptocurrencies exceeded $230 billion. In fact, a totally new look was taken at the role of cryptocurrencies within a year, and it became clear that the future belongs to payment instruments based on the blockchain technology. However, now we witness a desperate competition between the major cryptocurrecies for the right to become a payment instrument of the world economy.


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Maya Preferred 223 Whitepaper