Maincoin Whitepaper

Modern business is versatile. Investors prefer to invest in different assets. For this, there are holdings and joint-stock companies. Managing these structures is not always convenient. There is a large number of legal entities, heterogeneous assets, and management of such formations is very expensive. This requires the presence of a number of legal entities and money transfers. When using one of these types of business, the customer can not always use the by-product. MainCoin is a digital coin that allows solving one of the most important problems of a diversified business – creation of an ecosystem that would create a single payment facility and would attract investments in order for business to develop. MainCoin is the world’s first digital currency for creating and paying for services that are located in the same ecosystem, and the currency allows not only to reduce transaction costs by 30%, but also attract up to 70% of new investors.

Description of the platform
The automining platform is the creation of a digital coin, which offers a unique solution for business that works by type of holding, an investment type structure or other diversified business. Frequently, with the expansion of the business, free funds are invested only in related structures that can not provide decent growth and lead only to an arithmetic increase in yield. If you invest in related projects, then there will be no opportunity to simultaneously control and expand the business as a whole. The MainCoin platform officially allows you to invest in expanding your own business, when a person becomes a participant and buys not only tokens, but also becomes a co-owner of a business. Actual business. This is a unique opportunity to not trust tokens in the growth of exchanges or brokers, and most be in the trend of all business directions and invest in a growing model.

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Maincoin Whitepaper