Lisk Machine Learning Whitepaper

Today’s customers lead fundamentally digital lives. They engage and transact with brands using multiple devices and touchpoints which work in real time.

Although the possibilities for presenting a message and opening new opportunities have gone up exponentially, so have the expectations and relevancy of demands for security of data. Consumers expect their desires to be met and their questions answered with no more than a click – whenever and wherever they want. They are more connected and empowered than ever before, and brands have no
choice but to acquiesce.

To succeed in this new environment brands must refine their platforms to deliver messages that are highly adaptive, in real-time, and as secure as required. Today’s communications landscape has outgrown previous generations of technology (e.g. decision trees) – and GNY was created to fill this need. GNY (pronounced “gee-nie”) uses cutting edge machine learning with state-of-the-art algorithms to dissolve the limitations of traditional programmatic communications and marketing. GNY uses a brand’s data and other publically available information to securely search through, manage, and learn from billions of potential segments to provide a superior predictive technology. GNY can provide data relating to every dimension required for marketing decisions as well as resolving problems concerning social impact.

With 400 million tokens the Lisk Machine Learning sidechain will match the token supply of the GNY Network. Entrants into the GNY ICO who use LISK to enter our sale will receive an equal numbers of LML tokens. The network will allow the Lisk ecosystem to add Artificial intelligence capability to sidechain deployment. GNY’s tested ML system has been used in Commercial US industry and will bring consumer behaviour prediction. Developers will have the tools to reach consumers with better and more genuine interactions. The network will lock up tokens being used to access this machine learning ability as more developers in insurance, medical and a near limitless combination of Dapps build on the platform.

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Lisk Machine Learning Whitepaper
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