LiquidApps Whitepaper

Introducing LiquidApps & the DAPP Network

LiquidApps’ mission is to promote mass scale adoption of decentralized applications (dApps), by introducing a set of technical solutions that make developing on blockchains substantially easier & affordable: the “D​ APPNetwork​”.

While blockchain technology increases in both sophistication and awareness, it still remains difficult for people to utilize its potential. One reason for this disconnect is the lack of Decentralized Apps, or dApps which provide critical utility and engaging experiences for mainstream users. “Killer apps” are those which organically grow in usage to the point where a substantial segment of the population uses them on a regular basis – without necessarily having a deep understanding of the underlying technologies (such as the TCP/IP protocols behind the internet). While consumer applications like CryptoKitties demonstrate the current scaling challenges on platforms like Ethereum, a vibrant ecosystem of developers and dApps continues to evolve. Today, the most popular dApps are in the gaming, online-gambling and exchange categories – but tomorrow, their functionality and reach may be as vast as that of the Internet.

As rivals to Ethereum’s blockchain platform dominance emerge, so do new technical challenges and opportunities. While the EOS blockchain introduces potentially unlimited scale and speed, the RAM and CPU resources needed to operate on the EOS blockchain are not cheap, are limited, and are expected to become even more so as a result of successful adoption – creating a chicken and egg constrained ecosystem. A technical solution is required to allow dApp developers to easily externalize CPU and RAM from the EOS blockchain and to utilize commonly required functionality in an accessible and affordable manner.

LiquidApps is proud to introduce the DAPP Network native token known as “​DAPP​”, a multi-purpose utility token designed to power an ecosystem of utilities, resources, & services specifically serving the needs of dApp developers building user-centric dApps.

The DAPP Network paves the way for an entirely new class of decentralized applications to emerge — those previously unimaginable due to the systemic limitations of the existing technology stack. By introducing a new ecosystem of collaboration and incentives, a long-tail of truly diverse, creative and useful dApps will likely emerge.

In this whitepaper, LiquidApps introduces the first utility of the DAPP Token – the vRAM System. vRAM is an alternative storage solution for developers building EOS dApps that is compatible with the existing RAM system, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently.

LiquidApps released the first key products powered by the DAPP Token to the community, seeding the tools for developers to build and create the DAPP Network. With this vision in mind, LiquidApps set a roadmap suggesting successive tools and services for developers which have the potential to contribute to dApp scalability. The growth of the DAPP Network aims to increase the ease, speed, and affordability of building scalable dApps on blockchains today.

DAPP Network and DAPP Token Whitepaper v2.0

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LiquidApps Whitepaper