LGO Exchange Whitepaper

In the part 1 of our White Paper , we described the architecture of a “fair by design” platform
using a protocol that rendered market manipulation impossible. However, a robust platform can
only reach its full potential in a healthy environment.
For that reason, and thanks to the success of our ICO, LGO Group is creating a healthy
environment for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Specifically, LGO Group has set a goal of
building trust during every stage of the life of a crypto-asset, including its creation, its
promotion, its purchase, its storage, and, of course, its use.
In this second version of our White Paper, we will begin by presenting LGO Group’s plan, and
the fundamental principles we abide by as part of our approach. We will then present the
organizational structure of our teams, and expand on the role of each department in detail. To
conclude, we will present LGO Group’s technical innovations and major research topics. LGO Exchange Website
LGO Exchange Whitepaper