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Humans as a species have evolved from a period of zero technology when all we probably had for technological advancement was the discovery of tools to make fire and hunt for animals to feed off of.

Through a series of discoveries and our ever-present inquisitive nature that drives our hunger to explore not only our various colonies, but also the world at large and worlds beyond our very own. This has led to the evolution of our species into what it is in present times and is expected to double that progress before the next century.

Man has been able to solve an enormous number of issues presented to him by both the planet and other interacting forces. But it is noticeable that while doing this, man has also practically created more problems which eventually will need solving if we are to survive as a species.

Today man is faced with quite a number of self-inflicted disasters such as the release of greenhouse gases which has been the cause of global warming (an issue that has raised global concern as it affects practically every living organism on earth).

Some of these issues do not have a direct consequence on our planet but on the way we live together as a species. i.e. the traumatic effects of war and the political nature of some regions of the world, has left those regions and the people inherent in those parts of the world stigmatized. As a result, foreign aids to these regions are either forgotten about or just too insignificant to make a remarkable change.

All these have led to the obvious question, how do we solve our issues without destroying our very chance for existence as well as our planet itself?

As a result of these numerous obstacles, in 2015 the world leaders (UN) from 193 countries in the world met and decided on certain fixes to make before the year 2030. Some of these goals are also contained in the Millennium Development Goals report from the United Nations.

These goals ranged from the eradication of extreme poverty, down to goals like creating a partnership for those goals. All these where mapped out in an attempt to solve the crisis that man created for himself, as well as the disasters that were created by our planet for us to inherit.

Noticeably, one of the goals (Partnerships for the goals) is obviously a call to action, obligating every person who is able and capable of contributing a quota to ensure the success of these sustainable development goals. This led to the birth of Klimatas Klimatas is an innovative project, centered at bridging the gap between the blockchain technology and investors involved in making sure that the sustainable development goals are met.

Klimatas is headed by ambitus entrepreneurs and researchers who are out in the field constantly sourcing for fresh creative ways of not only creating long lasting investments but also ensuring that these goals come to a reality.

It is our vision to see that the world is not only improving technologically but also that the quality of lives lived by people improves alongside innovation.

We seek not only to be a part of the SDG’s but we also plan to spearhead the sustainable transition and serve as a source of inspiration to more organizations to be a part of this transition.

Klimatas believes that investors can make a whole lot of profit from investing in innovative projects that will in the long run aid the sustainable development goals.

From our projects, investment and job opportunities will as well be created.

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Klimatas Whitepaper