InterCrone Whitepaper

What is InterCrone?
InterCrone is a Proof of Stake Consensus algorithm, or POS-based crypto currency,
which is more sustainable and user-friendly for the coin holder in the long-term and
more environmentally friendly than the proof of work consensus.

For the first time, InterCrone was published with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on 31
January 2018 and sold with a limited number of 10 million coins in the first 30 days.
What makes InterCrone special is the fact of fast transactions. The block time is 120
seconds and only 3 transaction acknowledgments are needed.

Changing the wallet address for each transaction will not publish the entire balance.
Only the transactions between the users are recorded and stored in the blockchain.
Another advantage of InterCrone is its flexibility in adapting to the crypto market. It‘s
working on an interface that allows any InterCrone owner to pay anywhere that accepts
some form of cryptocurrency.

Because this does not yet meet our high requirements, a cooperation with a credit card
provider is planned for 2019.

InterCrone is our answer to the current and upcoming problems in the crypto market.
InterCrone – where the future is today.

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InterCrone Whitepaper