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Once, the desires and demands for high-speed delivery of information promote the modern Internet emergence. Now, the desires and demands for more direct convenience of communication will soon catalyze the rise of the next Internet age -GMN(Global Mesh Network).

This is the trend of our times

When BlockChain technologies fuse into Mesh Network , Where Value locked in Each Mesh Network Node.

This is the opportunities given by our times

In this tide of trends, capturing the sail of chances, we are altogether to witness the arrival of this great era !

IntelliShare – Blockchain Mesh Ecosystem For Next Generation Internet

IntelliShare Mesh, A network platform for the Mesh network business ecosystem.
The integration of traditional Internet + Mesh network + blockchain technique. IntelliShare Mesh is an organic combination of Mesh and traditional networks, a convenient and innovative network where the decentralized point-to-point distributed mobile scenarios, whose interconnection is automatically optimized , deeply rooted with block chain technique. The core of the IntelliShare Mesh is to allow each node in the network to send and receive signals, and to solve the problems of low expansion ability and poor transmission reliability that existed in the ordinary wireless technology in the past. A large number of the terminal equipments in the network can be automatically connected into net structure through wireless; each node in the network has the function of automatic routing. Each node only communicates with the adjacent nodes and accesses the backbone network. Therefore, it is a self-organizing, self-managed intelligent network, a flexible network that can be built without the backbone Blockchain Mesh Ecosystem For Next Generation Internet network. Only the modules for wireless communication are required to build the ad hoc network conveniently. It can be connected to the Internet through any relevant nodes. The Mesh network in the same protocol with different subnet can not only be connected by Internet, it can also be merged directly into a large Mesh network through nodes.

IntelliShare White Paper

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