Infinitus Token Whitepaper

Ever since the advent of Blockchain in 2008, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity and they are being used by millions of people around the world as a mean of exchange. Being an excellent attribute to store value, these virtual currencies are backed by cryptography that aims to be unbreakable and are supported by various communities. As a result, risks have emerged that if the private keys are lost or if the cryptocurrency owner passes away, this digital fortune will be lost forever. Our aim is to provide a solution to mitigate these risks with an innovative consumer technology that is universal, user-friendly, decentralized and cost effective

INFINITUS (INF) –Smart Designation RepositoryINF is a blockchain-based storage application that allows users to encrypt and store a variety of alphanumeric data on a decentralized network. The user data is securely stored on a peer-to-peer network (IPFS) which also ensures that it is only accessible to the designated recipient upon a predetermined inactivity trigger. Examples of user data that can be stored in our secured environment are: passwords, wallet files, private keys, JSON files, UTC files, keystore files, mnemonic phrases, recovery seeds and even short text messages.

How does it work?
INF is a Decentralised Application (DApp). The INF mobile appacts as an interface between the user and the backend blockchain technology. The INF mobile app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store from June 2018 onwards. The user sets up the “Smart Designation Repository” with INF Token acting as a “key”. User then defines a pre-set inactivity period based on the INF mobile app for example, 30days or 90-days. When the INF mobile app recognize an inactivity, the INF Ethereum Smart Contract is triggered, and the private data will be automatically gathered and transferit back to the named designated receiver.Once the private data is entered onto the INF platform, the data will be fragmented, replicated, encrypted, and distributed across the decentralized network via FSDLTPeer-to-Peer Protocol. The decentralized network of nodes are made up of organizations or individuals that are using INF’s repository services. Files stored are encrypted with AES1024-a military grade, a state-of-the-art encryption program.The INF Ethereum Smart Contract and FSDHT network are linked by the AURA blockchain infrastructure which also conduct the verification of pre-set inactivity through the mobile app.The risk of single point failure is eliminated with local encryption and fragmentation of data with FSDLT, over the decentralized network. Each network node contains only bits of the fragmented and encrypted data which does not carry any significance on its own. This ensures the security of information and data on the INF network.


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