Idealcoin Whitepaper

Idealcoin is here.

It’s time to give the value of data back to those who generate it.
It’s time to manage data properly and professionally in a platform that grows organically, authentically, exponentially and sustainably.

The platform you have in front of you will revolutionize the use and exploitation of collective knowledge. It will ensure that this collective knowledge is applied more efficiently and reliably to market research, optimizing the resources and marketing efforts of companies, institutions, governments and individuals. And, on top of all that, the platform’s users will be earning money every day.

It’s the digital currency in which the value of the data collected in the digital social platform will be expressed. IDEALCOIN will be processed and protected by algorithms for immediate use.

These digital commodities are produced by large numbers of INFLUENCERS generating a critical mass of information/data. These INFLUENCERS can then accumulate, own, transfer, sell, trade or even use these assets as currency, benefiting from the usual guarantees and protections established by today’s digital TOKENS: valuable resources in this era of monetised information and digitalization.

Our community will inhabit a SOCIAL MEDIA 4.0 type platform called PayMHO, where USERS or INFLUENCERS will interact, developing and answering simple questions using warm, personable language. INFLUENCERS will continually build up their profiles in a way that is organic, spontaneous and fun. The platform environment is designed to empower creativity and participation, while keeping INFLUENCERS free from pressure or influence so that their responses and results contribute to building a reliable database.

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Idealcoin Whitepaper