Hellenic Node Whitepaper

My name is Odysseas Vasileiadis (Odma on social media channels). Since 2014 I have successfully operated my own revenue model which I will now share with the community via our Hellenic Node project in Turtle Network. Hellenic Node is also, as the name implies, a node I operate and maintain in order to support Turtle Network.

In short, my revenue model is based on ad placements and content sharing which is possible by utilizing Google Adsense as well as Facebook’s audience network. In short we operate at the moment around 40 Facebook Pages (almost 1,5 Million unique Likes) and we lead all this people to our media websites in Greece. This model has been proven to work and for this reason I would like to take it mainstream and share it with our Hellenic Node and Turtle Network community.

Our target is to offer this model so each member can expect a complete return on investment within 13 months or less. More details about the model’s structure will be mentioned shortly.

I have been running this business model from 2014 with outstanding profit so i think its about time to take it to the next level within “Cryptocurency world” and with Hellenic Node (HN) .

Hellenic Node will run a real business model with the target to get our investment back in 12-13 months and from that time it will be a win win situation over the months and for ever. The only way our model is at fatal risk is if Facebook itself is shut down.

Revenue model
Ad placements
Content sharing
Utilizing Google Adsense
Facebook’s audience network
Mainstream with HN and TNetwork community

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Hellenic Node Whitepaper