Helbiz Whitepaper

Helbiz is a peer-to-peer market-
place that makes renting a car,

motorcycle or bicycle convenient,
affordable and rewarding.

Helbiz combines the familiar

carsharing approach in the trans-
portation sector with Blockchain

technology. Our mobility eco-
system will soon provide access

to individual vehicles as well as
fleets and other transportation

Helbiz Mobility System is a plat-
form based on the Ethereum

Blockchain and powered by the
HelbizCoin tokens (HBZ).

Helbiz will be the first company

adopting HelbizCoin and lever-
aging the Helbiz Mobility System,

a platform that will be open to
other companies with interests in

mobility related services (e.g. in-
surance companies) and willing to

join the Blockchain revolution us-
ing data and building dApps (De-
centralized Applications) on top of

the Helbiz Mobility System.

HelbizCoin is the ERC20 token
that aims to become the preferred
method to pay for transportation
services through the Ethereum
Blockchain and to access the
ecosystem of services provided
by the Helbiz Mobility System.

The adoption of cryptocurren-
cies will impact the way we

access mobility services in the
future and HelbizCoin is poised
to play a leading role in this
new era of transportation and
sharing economy.

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Helbiz Whitepaper