Gratz Whitepaper

What is Gratzio?
Gratzio is a global decentralized marketplace powered by Stellar blockchain that offers its users an ability to order and perform on-demand person-to-person services and favors.

What is Gratzio dApp?
Gratzio dApp is a decentralized application that provides access to Gratzio marketplace.
Gratzio dApp will be available via iOS store, Android Google Play as well as via regular browser with Internet access.

What is Gratz token?
Payments for services within Gratzio marketplace are facilitated through Gratz utility token that is based on Stellar consensus protocol. Users can perform services for other users in order to earn Gratz tokens using Gratzio dApp. Additionally, users can purchase or convert Gratz tokens into other cryptocurrencies and local fiat money through built-in exchange on Gratzio platform or by utilizing third-party crypto exchanges.

What is Gratzio DAO
Gratzio is planning to transition to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will be governed by its users by Q4 2020

What services Gratzio can be used for?
Gratzio fills the gap in demand for non-standard services. Below are the examples of Requests for Favors (RFF) that users can place and fulfill with Gratzio marketplace: Gratzio, bring me a dozen roses to my exact location within 15 min Gratzio, hold a free parking for me at City Center Gratzio, jumpstart my car battery
* Gratzio, drive me home in my car
* Gratzio, mow my lawn
* Gratzio, walk my dog
* Gratzio, I’m fishing. Bring me six pack of Corona beer to my location Gratzio, shovel my grandma’s driveway before 10AM

This list is not complete and users requests are only limited by their imagination and local laws. The platform can be also used to move funds across the borders quickly and extremely cheap with transaction speeds of 2-5 seconds and transaction fees of only $0.05 per transaction.


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