Gosama Whitepaper

Gosama was built to revolutionize the sales management of retail chains by redefining the O2O (Offline to Online) sales process and identifying the way companies build and manage relationships with their customers.

We will create the Gosama Token and Gosama Sales Management platform with the first automatic mechanism based on a blockchain and a cryptocurrency where it can be used and spent.

As far as you may know, previously everyone had to buy cryptocurrency or invest heavily in mining to earn cryptocurrency. But now, with Gosama Token, consumers can earn Token in three simple ways:

– Self-managing and exchanging personal and behavioral information to receive desired advertising from partner companies.
– Investing time, attention and good-will to advertise the companies and redeem the Token as a reward from the company.
– Joining our customer loyalty program and shopping in the tech-com shops based on Gosama platform to exchange the Token.

So what can you do with the Gosama platform when you have the Gosama Token?

This is important for most of the investors who are interested in cryptocurrency and expect the growth of its value in the future. Gosama Token will have a large market for businesses and consumers to use. For example:

– The enterprise pays service fees for the platform with its own preference for Gosama Token
– Enterprise pays for marketing campaigns in the Gosama platform – Enterprise creates bonus packages for consumers using Gosama Token when consumers participate in marketing activities and promote programs of those enterprises.
– Consumers exchange Gosama Token to get discounts and bonuses from the businesses.
– Consumers use Gosama Token for payments at businesses using the Gosama platform.

Therefore, the Gosama Platform will provide tremendous value to both businesses and consumers by building a comprehensive ecosystem of:

– Omni-channel business management platform- a seamless, consistent and intensely focused on customer experience that improves business efficiency to a new level.
– Target marketing system for the consumers- based on shopping behavior on the Gosama platform that has been approved to share by the consumers.
– The customer loyalty system that establishes a new way of cooperating between the enterprises and the consumers to promote a great value they are getting from each other.
– The payment system that easily integrates many convenient payment methods such as mobile payment, QR Code and- in the future- Gosama Token.

As a result, businesses are provided with an efficient sales management platform that extends support for Offline to Online with a variety of payment channels integration and ability to reach more consumers. Consumers will be receiving marketing relevant to what they care about and use the value of their loyalty, spendings, attention and activities. It will become worthwhile to invest their time and money to become a real brand ambassador for the business.

The customer loyalty programs have been in use since the 1700s but it proved to be ineffective as they only reach around 10-15% of the customers at the end of the campaign.

Many customers subscribes to a dozens of programs but rarely receive benefits from them because loyalty points they gain are scattered among all the businesses. It is difficult to profit from them without being regular customer at all of those places. On Gosama platform all the loyalty points will be gathered and counted together for the customers quicker benefit gain.

Implementing, managing, maintaining and collecting customers information manually makes many business owners confused with its complexity and discouraged by how time-consuming it can be. Without any other- better- solution they are forced to apply it. We would like to change that situation for their benefit.

In addition to Gosama future vision, we are working on making the linkage of these shops to a broad ecosystem much easier and convenient. In particular focusing on Gosama Token and Gosama Wallet services as the basis of general point accumulation instead of requiring consumers to use different traditional payment methods to accumulate points at each and separate store. At the same time the points can be spent on the e-commerce market of the system. The value of Gosama Token will increase and stabilize due to the high transaction demand in the entire ecosystem.

Gosama has developed the Omni-channel Sales Management Platform- previously known as GoStore- demo operated in Vietnam that in the first 3 months of its existence has attracted more than 600 retail outlets (with full range of products such as Fashion, Electric Appliance, Grocery, Mother and Baby products …). With the desire to develop and bring even bigger ecosystem to the businesses and consumers, we have extended our Platform with the Blockchain technology and hosted new premium features such as Intelligent Marketing Systems, Customer Loyalty Systems, Customer Care Systems, Cryptocurrency payment systems, together with the mechanism letting users to control their personal and behavioral data across the platform. All of these will bring Gosama further than what the market has seen with opportunities far beyond what is described in this Whitepaper.


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