Gomics Whitepaper

Blockchain-Based Entertainment Platform

The webtoon market has been growing rapidly, and the global webtoon market has a promising future.

Gomics plans to create a blockchain-based entertainment platform using blockchain technology. They aim to create an ecosystem using the platform, also to enable users (readers) to subscribe webtoons or for creators (publishers) to publish their works.

On the platform, users and creators can interact efficiently using GOM token and get profits from them. We also plan to solve the problems in the comics industry by utilizing good contents of Gomics platform with blockchain technology. In Data stage of Gomics, the data of creator and user is protected, and copyright issues also can be solved.

In Business stage, the platform will be able to have more contents on it, and GOM token will be used for the payment method. All resources in Gomics ecosystem will boost profits for both platform users and creators at the same time.

In Application stage, which is the final stage, Gomics will be able to provide the service that enables to build a community by containing many components or to extend components for developers.

Gomics platform is growing rapidly and already has a large user base around the world. In combination with blockchain technology, we hope that Gomics’service and user base will be taken to the next level.

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