Goldentoken Whitepaper

GOLDEN TOKEN is a deflationary Token.
There were originally 1,000,000 GOLD in existence.
Each time a GOLD is transferred, 1% of the transaction is destroyed.
The recipient will get 99% of the transaction amount.
So that every time a transfer token occurs, it will reduce global supply.

1. The basic value concept of Cryptocurrency is limited supply and high demand.
2. Like the first cryptocurrency ever, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that will also generally have a limited supply and high demand. Those in favor of limited supplies, as seen in Bitcoin, say that this creates digital scarcity.
3. Lower supply can mean higher demand, thereby increasing prices.
4. Since 2017 the ICO coins came flooded the crypto world, with the high expectation.
5. However, not all of them run with the expectation. Most of the coins failed in the market.
6. The community of the failed project decrease, so does the price of the coin, because the supply remains and demand decreases.
7. From that case, we conclude that the key to maintain sustainable value of the coin is by reducing the supply and increasing the community.
8. Inspired by SELF-DESTRUCTING TOKEN #BOMBTOKEN, which supply decrease in every transaction.
9. We enhance the concept, so that the increase prediction of #GOLDENTOKEN will be sustainable.
10. Community will increase and supply will decrease.

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