GMB Whitepaper

What’s GMB Platform?

1. Goal of GMB Platform
1.1. To go beyond the limitations of existing blockchain and cryptocurrency, and implement blockchain and cryptocurrency that can be used in real life

1.2. Ensuring absolute transaction processing speed and scalability of services

2. GMB Coin
Dual-Cryptocurrency System – Master Coin & Branch


Master Coin
Acts as the key currency in GMB Platform, will be listed on the International Exchange and have volatility

Branch Coin
Will be issued for each country, and the values of each Branch Coin will be set according to the local fiat currency

1.3. Dual-Cryptocurrency system that enables everyone to store asset values and use in real life

1.4. A blockchain platform that links services such as travel, finance, medical, transportation, accommodation, and entertainment

GMB DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)
Exchange Master Coin and Branch Coin through GMB DEX, our own decentralized exchange. Rates will apply according to the market price and exchange price at the time of exchange. Branch Coins will be exchangeable with other Branch Coins of other countries.

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