FootballCoin Whitepaper

Making crypto as popular as football
Our project is set up to innovate the way we use blockchain technology in entertainment, by
creating a bridge between the cryptosphere and the world of Fantasy Sports.
To put is simply: we created FootballCoin, a football manager game platform using blockchain
technology and issuing our own cryptocurrency (XFC).
Our mission is to bring the advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to
Football Manager and Fantasy Sports users. In doing that, we offer a degree of anonymity and
complete ownership over the game assets, and from a broader point of view we bring our
contribution to the mass adoption of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) such as blockchain.
We believe in the future of our gaming platform and its global adoption, so our vision is to
become a major player in fantasy sports with fans all over the world, while building a strong
and healthy game cryptoeconomy.

When you think about it, football and the crypto world seem universes apart. One is probably
the most popular and loved sports in the world, the other is a topic growing in popularity, but
with only a handful of people knowing what it means and how it works.
We wanted to replace the traditional data mining process with a more fun and productive
experience available to people who are not yet a part of the cryptosphere.

Why gaming?
The gaming market has proven stable growth for some time now, with consumer behavior
shifting from purchasing boxed or downloadable games to online and mobile games.
Here are some relevant facts:
– 2017 was the biggest year for digital games and interactive media and the market shows
no signs of slowing
– One in three people on the planet (2.5 bln) play free-to-play games across PC and mobile
platforms. Free-to-play games maintain their grip on the worldwide games market,
generating $82bln, or 89% across mobile and PC markets
– Players stay in the game even after they put the controller down. Whether it’s to watch
gaming tournaments, tutorials or trailers, 665mln people around the world tune in to sites
like YouTube for content about their favorite games.
– Collectible card games are here to stay3 and earned an estimated $5.73 billion in 2017
across digital and physical. While physical still dominates the market, digital CCGs have
been earned a reportedly $1.4B in 2017. Digital players account for 61% of the CCG
audience thanks to digital CCGs’ greater accessibility than their physical counterparts.
Football: the beautiful game

Football has a reportedly 3.5 bln fans worldwide, with the European football market reaching
24,6 bln in 2016.

The “big five” European leagues (UK’s Premiere League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga,
France’s Ligue 1 and Italy’s Serie A) grew collective revenues by €1.4 billion (12%) in 20164
It’s a sport of great love, with loyal fans and a great market to sell almost anything from event
tickets to memorabilia.

Fantasy football and not gambling
Fantasy sports leagues are not games of chance, they are games of skill.
They allow players to exercise direct control over their operations of their fantasy sports team. It
also provides the individual with a chance to live vicariously as general managers, or coaches of
their own team or teams. Managers must take into account statistics, facts and game theory
in order to be competitive.

Additionally, playing fantasy sports creates a competitive environment and enables sharing of
knowledge and expertise on social media platforms.

Fantasy sports players are motivated to enter the hobby for reasons that usually have nothing
to do with money or prizes. The main enjoyment is winning and competing against other sports
fans. In fact, frequent surveys of fantasy sports players show that the top reasons for playing
include “competing with friends,” “enhance my sports experience,” and “to be in a league with

During 2015, the fantasy football
segment was the highest revenue contributing segment and is
expected lead the market in the coming years. The wide reach and universal appeal of soccer has
made it a highly popular game across the world and will contribute to this segment’s growth in
the coming years.

The FootballCoin game
Our game allows users to exercise their football knowledge and managerial skills by creating
teams and entering competitions.
Users are awarded scores calculated according to football player’s real-life performance and can
win prizes in XFC coins.
The XFC can be used in the game to buy game assets (player cards, stadium cards), or can be used
in transactions in the crypto market.
All cards are collectibles and remain in possession of the buyer until he decides to sell them, lease
them or swap them for other cards.

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FootballCoin Whitepaper