FNB Protocol Whitepaper

Franchise & Blockchain – Use of Integrated Mileage – Unprecedented Added Value
FNB protocol creates new ecosystem by issuing and distributing franchise tokens based on the FNB token issuance actually used in the advertising platform and inter-user compensation system.

“A franchise is a person or company that licenses a third party to perform their business under their own trademark, and a franchisee is an individual or company licensed to conduct business in a trademark or trade name. Most franchises today have events and coupon services that attract customers through discounts.

However, current point services are not based on a centralized system and can not be shared, exchanged, or integrated with other brands. In the case of small franchises with a small number of franchises, it is difficult to apply point service with cost and limited points.

The FNB platform will use a block-chain-based cryptographic system that can issue branded tokens for each franchise, and the FNB tokens will be used as a medium for customers to exchange and integrate tokens for use in all affiliated franchise stores and restaurants.

FNB plans to take advantage of the ‘I do’s boss’ medical infrastructure with three years of service experience, 700 affiliate franchises, 5,000 national merchants, and over 200,000 app users, You can reduce trial and error and increase your chances of success.”

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FNB Protocol Whitepaper