Fleta Whitepaper

FLETA goes beyond just building a new platform.

It focuses on extensive technological innovation and diverse fields of application. FLETA’s blockchain network has been designed to actualize the real ‘decentralization’ and contribute to the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem, by enhancing the independence and scalability of DApps.

As an unprecedented type of blockchain, FLETA allows more freedom and efficiency in developing and providing services.

With the goal of maximizing the potential of blockchain technology, FLETA came up with a breakthrough.

It all starts from our unique and original blockchain structure, which distributes subchains in a layered chain for each DApp. Through Block Redesign, verification speed becomes faster and data volume is reduced.

In addition, block generation speed has been reduced, with more transactions processed per block.

FLETA provides the function to create a customized subchain for each DApp, where the transaction of its token and assets can be made. Run through its own network, each DApp can update independently based on its own governance, frontend and backend development environment.

Additionally, high-speed block transaction is made possible through parallel processing and instant confirmation of observer node. High GAS price and functional degradation of DApps have also been resolved.

Other innovative technologies such as a multichain structure, parallel sharding, and a new consensus model (PoF), contributed to resolving problems which the current blockchain ecosystem is facing.

FLETA’s innovative technology and platform will

play a leading role in the spread of diverse DApps throughout the industry and in advancing the blockchain ecosystem


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Fleta Whitepaper