Five Star Coin Pro Whitepaper

What is FSCP Token?

The FSCP coin offers customers, sellers and advertisers advantages and exclusive application possibilities. By paying with the FSCP token, all e-commerce payments are made in real time to all parties involved, without any additional steps being taken. Innovative advertising opportunities with which you can directly reach finely segmented target groups will be available exclusively with FSCP token.

Our Concept

The world of E-commerce is about to change beyond belief. Decentralized blockchain technology brings incredible new opportunities to our society. Everyone can now be an equal part of a newly forming ecosystem of either financial or socially influential movements.

Five star coin pro has formed a team of highly ambitious blockchain professionals to achieve an important goal— to become the leader of online crypto processing industry.

Ecommerce industry continues to rise sharply. According to all major experts, the revenues of e-commerce will double in the coming 3 to 4 years. This fact reflects where Five star coin pro is going with its business development. While the market share of traditional payment processing companies will also increase over this period, crypto processing is expected reach an absolutely unprecedented new level.

Currently the adoption of blockchain based payments on the major online retailers is LESS THAN 1% in comparison to all traditional payment methods. This is exactly why the timing and opportunities for Five star coin pro to start expanding could not be any better. Most of the blockchain experts agree that the implementation of various decentralized solutions has only just started and is currently in its infancy. Five star coin pro crypto processing will instantly allow everyone to use cryptocurrencies for all types of payments. The growth of our industry is projected to develop exponentially. This is where the money is today and this is where more money will be tomorrow.

Our Moto

In the digital age not all revolutions have already happened. Breakthrough of blockchain technology essentially changes the understanding of money as a traditional payment method. A variety of blockchain based cryptocurrencies has started to disrupt many areas from traditional banking, all the way to online payments processing. This is where Five star coin pro come in. The vision that has inspired us to create Five star coin pro comes from incredible dynamics of the Cryptocurrency market. Ever-increasing acceptance makes them an equivalent part of global financial ecosystem. What it means to us is that e-commerce units of any type and scale will start to adopt the blockchain based payment technologies. It will require innovative yet secure and wide-reaching payments processing service providers.

Market is growing exponentially. All e-shops, as well as big retailers where you currently shop, are on thethreshold of integrating blockchain based payment methods.

It is perfect timing for Five star coin pro to emerge and lead the evolution of cryptopayments. We focus on real,living processes of B2B businesses which will be reinvented according to the global markets needs. This is the direction Five star coin pro has chosen and that is the way e-commerce is headed. We will make sure that spending all types of cryptoholdings is instant and secure for both individuals and businesses.


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