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Today’s digital world is increasingly sub-optimal and feels oddly, and somewhat ironically, disconnected given how “connected” we now are. It is full of underutilised assets: hotel rooms lie empty, cars sit parked and unused for over 90% of their lives, half empty shipping containers travel the world, overcrowded, poorly optimised transport infrastructure eats at our sanity, power grids have peaks and troughs in usage that are shocking and organising even the simplest thing requires a herculean effort in hunting and gathering.

In short, we live in an increasingly complex world that we must somehow find ever more ridiculous ways to adapt to rather than one that figures out how to adapt to us, and, for that matter, itself. Centralised systems are poorly placed to solve today’s complex problems as they can’t effectively work together to find solutions from the bottom-up. We propose an open, decentralised system where large numbers of simple things can cooperate—unsupervised—to solve problems without having had prior exposure to them.

Fetch achieves this by creating a decentralised digital world where a collective super intelligence actively delivers answers to you: a world where information that benefits you and information that might benefit you is delivered effortlessly. Fetch brings the world closer together and delivers power to the individual. It provides solutions to problems that no one has yet dared to address, enabled by a system that can handle huge numbers of tiny transactions conducted by our digital representatives.

We don’t fix the old economy, we present an entirely new one.


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