What is this website?

  • If the domainname didn’t already give it away…we are your number 1 resource for finding all crypto whitepapers. We will add any new whitepapers we can get our hands on and try to make sure that the information on this website is accurate. Feel free to send us a message if you spot a mistake.

Why does your website look so basic?

  • Why would we distract you from finding what you came for? We want to provide you with an easy and transparant resource for every crypto whitepaper that we can find. There’s no need for fancy lay-out and images. We do add extra information on the crypto and it’s whitepaper on our more info pages, so make sure to check them out!

Where do you find those Whitepapers?

  • Research and tips from visitors. Like everyone, we are in love with crypto and are always looking for new investment opportunities. Every Telegram group always has people asking: “Where’s the whitepaper?” (and of course When Moon? When Lambo? When Nissan Micra?). We wanted to be ahead of those questions so people shouldn’t have to wait for an answer, but just check our site and use the search form to get the whitepaper they need.

How to get our Whitepaper on your site?

  • If it’s not already there (it should be!), just send us a message with your website’s URL and Whitepaper URL and we will add it ASAP. The only requirement is that the coin/project is being traded & included on coinmarketcap, to make sure there’s a solid and legitimate basis for the coin/project. The amount of projects and whitepapers are booming at the moment, so we do our best to keep up. If you are interested in adding any other information to our site, please contact us.

What is Whitepaper of the Week?

  • Sometimes we really like a project and we choose their whitepaper as Whitepaper of the Week if we think that it’s a well written whitepaper & solid project that deserves to get more attention. Sometimes projects reach out to us to get listed as Whitepaper of the Week for a small fee. We only consider this if the whitepaper is good and the project has proven itself to be legitimate and of interest to us. We don’t want to promote any scammy stuff, so we’ll always take good consideration before listing a project as Whitepaper of the Week! You can reach out to us of you want to receive more information about this promotion.

Is crypto here to stay?

  • We sure think so. Some projects have such a great tech behind their coin, which we are positive that it will shape the future. Projects that provide a framework to build Dapps on or a ledger that cannot be altered and keeps track of transactional data or product history. A coin to buy decentralized cloud storage or to access investment platforms. The problems are numerous and crypto offers great solutions backed by the consumer. So we definitely think that a lot of projects are going to stay for a long time, but unfortunately not which ones!

What are your plans for this website

  • That depends on our visitors! We definitely want to make sure you can find all the crypto whitepapers of coins that are being traded. We check out coinmarketcap.com daily to make sure we are up te date. If the demand from our visitors indicate that we need to index ICO Whitepapers, we will definitely make it work!

How can I help?

  • You can always let us know if any of the information on this website is not correct. For now we do not have any open positions, but we are always open for partnerships and collaborations that fit our purpose! Also, if you have any original content for our whitepaper pages, contact us.

    Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions and comments.

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