EveryCoin Whitepaper

Our goal is very simple.
the first, by creating an unrestricted financial system, we make everyone in the world can be received the benefits of financial services for free. The second, everyone in the world get out of the existing financial framework and will be able to open and use new financial accounts free of charge. And FIAT CURRENCY, CRYPTOCURRENCY and DIGITAL CURRENCY are exchanged one another conveniently.

To achieve this goal, we have designed a system that allows everyone around the world to conduct transaction by smart consultations and manage their funds by social connections through a vast array of combined projects.

This is to provide a new financial platform for the financially excluded persons in the current financial system by combining the electronic monetary system based on the real economy with the versatility of cryptocurrency. Also, this is to create a new cryptocurrency’s financial system by securing the value stability of the cryptocurrency and then overcoming the constraints of the existing financing as the currency of the real financial service.

EveryCoin Whitepaper